INSTRUCTOR: Grace Rutherford (For teacher bio, please see Here)
TIME: Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 AM CT

Course Description:

In this class, we are exploring the fascinating world of S.T.E.M. The course is presented in three-week sections. The problem/project is introduced in the week one. Week two is a shorter class, with the purpose of answering any questions that may have popped up during the past week. During week two, students also collect their data and record their results. They are given the opportunity to present findings in week three with PowerPoints, videos, etc. Later in the course, students get to design their own experiment and perform. One of the ideas behind this course is that you may consider applying to a summer S.T.E.M. camp, and this class can help you demonstrate your interest in S.T.E.M. Some camps include the West Point S.T.E.M. Workshop, SAME camps, and the Naval Academy Summer S.T.E.M. The applications are quite competitive, and this course will help you apply. Links to summer camps are here: Naval Academy Summer S.T.E.M. 

SAME S.T.E.M. Camps 

West Point S.T.E.M. Workshop


Required Resources:

  • Suggested Materials will be provided in the introduction to each project. Many are household or recycled items. 
  • Notebook to record data
  • A mind eager to discover and learn!

Course Features:

  • A one hour class each week (excluding the questions week, which varies)
  • One project every three weeks
  • Homemade presentation for each project