Empowered Online Academy is NOT an accredited school. We do NOT provide transcripts or send you a certificate/license upon completion of a course. IF you need this kind of school (per your state’s requirements) then, regrettably, ¬†EOA is not the place for your child.¬†

***I will point out, however, that if your child decides to TEACH a class on something that they are talented in, & does a wonderful job sharing their gift with the world, I would be thrilled to write them a letter of recommendation. If they need a letter from me for a job, or for their college portfolio, I would be more than happy to write it up for them. (My kids all teach here at EOA, & it is an INCREDIBLE educational experience for them. I count teaching as credits–100%!)***

How Classes Are Run

We use Edmodo.com as our classroom on the web. Each student must open an Edmodo account, & use the codes their teachers send them to join their class groups. All of their classes will appear on the left side of their Edmodo page (this is like the “hallway”), & they can simply click on each class to access its information. Announcements, quizzes, tests, & all communication are handled via Edmodo.

We use appear.in as our LIVE online platform. Kids do not need to create an account. Each teacher will email their students the classroom’s link, & students will simply “knock” on the classroom door, to be allowed in. Students may not “knock” any more than ten minutes before class. Appear.in has many features to increase your child’s learning experience, including the “share screen” feature, stickers, etc. Please encourage your child to use these as directed by their teachers. Lastly, as SOON as your child is admitted into the classroom, their webcam & microphone will be ON. Please be aware of this, & make sure everyone on screen is fully dressed. ūüėÄ

We would like ALL children to keep their webcams ON and their microphones OFF, unless otherwise directed by the teacher. By keeping webcams ON, we are better able to communicate, get to know each other, & enhance learning.

Class Participation

Students are receiving EOA classes at no charge, but EOA teachers’ time and¬†efforts are of great value. We ask that parents commit to making sure their student attends class, and puts forth their best work ethic, as if working for the Lord (Colossians 3:23).

If there is a waiting list for a class, any student who misses two or more classes without explanation may be removed from the class and replaced by a wait-listed student. EOA is not like other virtual classes. We require attendance in our live classes. 

Active participation is essential for maintaining the best learning environment.  Students are expected to participate in class discussions when appropriate.  Outside of the live class, students are expected to log into class pages to see and contribute to discussions, activities, and assignments. Disciplinary measures will be taken if students are not putting forth obvious effort.

Class Conduct

Students are expected to be respectful and polite to each other and the teacher/mentor during live classes and on the class page activities.

Students whose behavior disrupts classes may be removed from a live class session with a warning and parent notification. Subsequent incidents will result in complete removal from the rest of the semester’s classes. Swearing or inappropriate posts are grounds for immediate dismissal from class, and parents will be contacted.


All assignments, quizzes, tests will be posted in the Edmodo class pages.  Students are encouraged to turn in assigned work as required by the teachers. This is the only way teachers can give valuable feedback, & be sure your child is getting the most they can out of the class.


Teachers may choose to grade assignments, quizzes, or tests. They will give feedback on projects and papers. They will NOT issue a final grade, at semester’s end, although they may email a “suggested grade” with reasons to support it. We give parents full autonomy to decide their child’s final grade.