Welcome to Empowered Online Academy

For those of you who haven’t heard my story, our family experienced loss in December 2016, when Landry Academy closed its doors, and we lost money, along with my four kids’ favorite classes. I scrolled Facebook, and read much more heart-breaking stories than mine and just cried for all those affected by the school’s closing.

That same morning, God very clearly asked me to DO something about it, so I immediately quit my job, and opened Empowered Online Academy. We are a small, close-knit, family-focused group that has tapped into the gifts & interests of previous Landry parents & children. But God DIDN’T STOP THERE! He has continued to send me passionate & talented teachers from all over! Every single puzzle piece that has fallen into place has been nothing shy of AMAZING to witness.

We provide LIVE, interactive classes, led by teachers who are 100% called by the Lord to teach. Talented kids, teens, and adults share their knowledge and passions– with NO financial compensation. We have everything from unique & silly classes, to specific and challenging classes, all taught by some of the most intelligent & enjoyable teachers I have ever worked with.  I have never seen a school like ours, and am thrilled to be able to provide quality at-home education, to homeschoolers all over the country (& Canada), free of charge.

Do you have a child/teen who would be up for the challenge of teaching something they know well? How about challenging your child to teach his/her own class, and learn alongside their peers, in a LIVE classroom setting! It is truly an awesome experience, and excellent educational opportunity for a child! Kids LOVE teaching their peers!!

Are you able to teach a class once a week? Is there something you truly ENJOY doing, that our lovely kiddos would benefit from learning from you?

Do you look at the cost of class offerings online, & wonder how you can possibly afford to put your kids in them? Do you peruse an online school’s courses, & try to figure out whether it’s something your kid will like? And you gotta love this one… “Is it worth the money?”

We do NOT charge anything for our classes. Our teachers–kids and adults– are called to this ministry, and they offer their time and talents to bless our homeschoolers. The classes are FREE OF CHARGE to you.

Our class sizes are a maximum of 7-11 students per class. They each get lots of attention. Classes are LIVE and interactive, requiring a working webcam that is ON and microphone to be used as prompted by the teacher. Attendance is mandatory, unlike most online schools. This approach allows for enhanced learning, solid relationships, & interactive class times. Please be sure you can attend live class times, before registering for a course. Also realize that each “seat” in a class is a highly coveted spot. If you sign up, you need to commit to being there for the term.

We do our best to keep any cost to you as little as possible, but there may be a class that asks for you to provide supplies (eg. science experiment items, books that cannot be found at the library), & we need you to commit to providing those.

Our teachers are Christians and have all agreed to our Statement of Faith. We keep all class content God-honoring. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

So happy to have you as part of our family. Welcome to Empowered!


Alicia Thorson
Founder/”Chief Encourager”/Principal
Empowered Online Academy