Empowered Online Academy is a non-accredited school. We are unable to provide transcripts, but we can send you a certificate upon course completion.

How EOA Classes Are Run

  • Students can hear and see their teachers and classmates through our live class platform on appear.in.
  • We would like ALL studentsĀ to keep their webcams ON and their microphones OFF, unless otherwise directed by the teacher. By keeping webcams ON, we are better able to communicate, get to know each other, & enhance learning experiences.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions, do hands-on projects along with the class, and ask/answer questions.
  • Students will have an Edmodo.com account to access class material and hand in any assignments and take any quizzes/tests as required. Teachers can grade assignments and quizzes/tests. All communications between students and teachers are done through Edmodo.
  • At this time, we cannot guarantee any class recordings.


Teachers may choose to grade assignments, quizzes, or tests. They will give feedback on projects and papers. They will NOT issue a final grade, at semester’s end, although they may email a “suggested grade” with reasons to support it. We give parents full autonomy to decide their child’s final grade.

Registration Process

  • View all the classes and camps we offer.
  • When you find a class or camp you are interested in taking, simply click on the “Register Here” button found on that particular course description page.
  • Complete the registration form in full.
  • Please note that courses you register for may be full by the time we receive and process your registration.
  • You will receive an email advising if you have been able to secure a spot. Emails will come from admin@empowered.academy. Please make sure you add us to your contacts.