INSTRUCTOR: Brooke Billings (For teacher bio, please see Here)
TIME: Spring 2021 Tuesdays 9:00-9:45am CT

Course Description:

This study is somewhat flexible, and can be tailored to your student. There will be no homework turned into me, and the parent can make this course as simple or as challenging as needed.

We will be reading the book, pulling out some words to define. We will be covering some comprehension discussing questions.

Pre-Reading Questions: What is your definition of a happy life? Give examples and details. James’ great imagination and quick thinking help him solve many problems. Have you ever had to solve a problem before? Explain what you did to solve the problem and if it worked…what was learned from the solution.

Below is an example of what the work will contain for you to decide how much you want your child to do. I do ask that your child will read the book to follow along week to week. Each class we will be discussing the vocabulary words, the comprehension questions, point of view activity or illustrations….

The first week or two depends on children (I am very flexible) you will be required to read chapters 1-7 of “James and the Giant Peach”. You will have a list of vocabulary words to be familiar or write them out in your own words relating to the book. Then there will be 4 comprehension questions with an illustrating activity and explanation of the illustration. 

The week to follow would be reading chapters 8-14 with similar items to discuss. 

Vocabulary: Students need to be able to write the definition/meaning of the word in their own words as the word is used in the story. If they are unable to, they need to find the word in the dictionary and match the correct definition with the context that the word is used in the book.

Short Response Questions: The questions come in two forms. The first form is basic information directly for the story. The second form is analysis of information and events in the story.

The remaining sections are key components in studying literature in a detailed and meaningful way. We will be discussing the book and looking at comparing his life to ours individually.

Required Resource:

Additional Information:

  • Depending on time and progression of students, we may be able to cover a few Easter Activities while taking a break from “James and the Giant Peach”.