INSTRUCTOR: Sherri Atwell (For teacher bio, please see Here)
TIME: Full Year 2019-2020
Mondays 10:00-11:00 CT

Course Description:

“World History: The Common Era” is a classical approach to history with an emphasis on analysis. It is designed for students to practice and develop their independent learning. Students will journey on a trip around the globe as they study an overview of the history of The Common Era (from Christ to Current times) in Dr. James Stobaugh’s World History by Master Books. This class will NOT cover the whole book. We will begin where my History class last year left off: The Early Church. There are likely to be assignments due the first week! Historical content covered in this class includes the study of: Early Church history, Indian (South Asian) History, Persian History, Chinese History, the Middle Ages, the Crusades, the Renaissance, the Reformation, German History, the World Wars, and South Africa.

Your student will develop an understanding of World history trends, philosophies, and events through the use of:

  • Critical thinking questions based roughly on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Examinations of historical theories surrounding a period or topic
  • Clarified terms, concepts, and theories to be learned
  • History makers who clearly changed the course of history
  • Overviews and insights into world views

Course Features:

  • Approximately 20-30 minutes per lesson, 4 days per week, PLUS 45 min-1 hour of EOA class time each week to discuss what has been covered in the assignments that week
  • Every 2-3 lessons, a short research question (answers not found in the book)

Can be combined with Stobaugh’s literature curriculum for an integrated history/literature course. We will not be covering the literature curriculum in our class time, but if you are interested in doing the corresponding literature course here is the link:


Required Resource:

World History Schedule: We will take a Fall Break Oct. 28 AND We will have class on Dec. 16.

The beauty of Homeschooling is flexibility and I hope you can be flexible with me and my schedule, and I am always willing to be flexible with yours!  Due to scheduling conflicts for my family, as well as wanting to cover the entire Common Era, our class schedule will vary from the official EOA schedule.  Your student will never be penalized for missing class if you need to stick with the EOA schedule. I just ask for advance notice when your student needs to miss class!


Spring 2020 (Most likely breaks will vary from EOA-Spring Schedule will be announced no later than Monday Nov. 4)