INSTRUCTOR: Blossom Barden (For teacher bio, please see Here)
TIME: Full Year 2019-2020
Mondays 10:00am-11:00am CT

Course Description:

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We will learn about the beginning of the English speaking people from the time of Julius Caesar’s landing in “Britannia” to the death of King Richard III. Throughout we will look at how the past has created the present: how language we call English was formed, the way a document (Great Charter) has impacted laws and government, how the cannon and printing press changed the world, and much more. We will meet historical figures such as Julius Caesar, Emperor Claudius, Caedmon, Bede, John Wycliffe, Joan of Arc, and so many more. Our focus will be in Europe, especially as it pertains to English-speaking countries. We will look at ancient maps, and new maps, to see how boundaries have changed. We will ‘take note’ of events and happenings through entries in a Book of Centuries, and commonplace whatever catches our attention as worthy of keeping. This class utilizes resources outlined at AmblesideOnline’s free online curriculum (Y7).


Overall objective is to bring the students in contact with people and events of the past so as to “possess a pageant of history in the background of one’s thoughts…[enriching the present] with the wealth of all that has gone before.” (Charlotte Mason)
Students will be exposed to an overview of some of the people and events in British history from 55 BC through the late 15th century.
This class will strive to foster connections of the past with the present, and to other countries and cultures through shared history.
Students will have the opportunity to engage with others in conversation during the live streaming class as well as through written means in the Edmodo classroom.

Required Resources:

  • The Birth of Britain, by Winston Churchill (ISBN: 978-0-7607-6857-0 Barnes & Noble 2005 edition)
  • Composition notebook
  • Word processing program (Word, OpenOffice, Pages, OfficeOnline, Google Docs, etc.) for submitting written work when assigned
  • Book of Centuries (purchase, or download and print from Simply Charlotte Mason, or use your own preferred BOC) *a notebook can be used for this