INSTRUCTOR: Alane Abbett (For teacher bio, please see Here)
TIME: Full Year 2019-2020
Wednesdays 11:00am-12:00pm CT
SUGGESTED AGE RANGE: Middle School (7th)- Early High School (9th or 10th) (for high school credit, additional readings or assignments will need to be added)

Beginning research skills
Ability to write a short research paper using several sources
Ability to support a claim with evidence from various texts and resources.

Course Description:

In this course, we will use Mystery of History Vol. 1 (2nd or 3rd edition) to explore the ancient world.  MoH will be our primary spine, but we will examine additional material (including some source texts) as well.   Our goal is to learn how God has established His Kingdom in this world for his glory and our salvation.  

The class with be a “flipped” model; students will complete reading and assignments prior to class.  Students will read the MoH book and will have a short set of questions to help guide them in their reading.  They should take notes while reading and/or answer the questions. They should also follow the MoH suggestions for creating a timeline and completing weekly map work to enhance their understanding of the geography of the ancient world.  Students are also encouraged to seek outside resources that they have access to to dig deeper into topics they find interesting from the reading.  

We will use this information as the basis for a Socratic discussion.  Students will be encouraged to grow in their public speaking skills by presenting short “research projects” throughout the year.   These projects can be presented creatively — through drama, poetry, prose, painting/ drawing/ cartooning. Students should have access to a computer program such as Google Slides or MS PowerPoint to create a simple slideshow presentation to the class.

Required Resources:

  • Mystery of History Vol 1 2nd Edition:  ISBN-13: 978-1892427298 OR 3rd Edition (available July 2019)
  • Bible, Bible Dictionary/ Encyclopedia (Online resources are fine to use)
  • Timeline book or other binder  to create a written timeline

Optional Resources:

There will be several optional books that students can read if they would like to extend their learning and earn a credit for high school history. 

  • Binder or notebook to compile information for class discussion
  • It will be helpful for students to access Google Drive, Google Slides, and Google Docs for additional reading materials and to prepare projects (such as a short research paper and/or a slide show research project).