INSTRUCTOR: Blossom Barden (For teacher bio, please see Here)
TIME: Full Year 2020-2021
Friday 10:00am-11:00am CT


Course Description:

In this class we will discover the world of the Twentieth Century. This is a world history class that will touch on the progress and conflicts that took place from 1900-1999. Using Martin Gilbert’s concise history book it will feel like we move very fast! One hundred years is a lot to cover in the time we have for class; each week will average a three year span. There will be extra resources included in the Canvas classroom each week for learning more about people and events we cover. We will look at maps; read primary source documents; and read the words of the people who lived during the times. We will ‘take note’ of events and happenings through entries in a Book of Centuries, and students are encouraged to commonplace whatever catches the attention as worthy of keeping. There will also be opportunity to strengthen writing/typing skills through written narrations and short essays. As this is an upper high school class students are expected to have good time management skills and be self-motivated. This class utilizes resources outlined at AmblesideOnline’s free online curriculum (Y11).


Overall objective is to bring the students in contact with people and events of the past so as to “possess a pageant of history in the background of one’s thoughts…[enriching the present] with the wealth of all that has gone before.” (Charlotte Mason)
Students will be exposed to an overview of the people and events of the world of the twentieth century.
This class will strive to foster connections of the past with the present, and to other countries and cultures through shared history.
Students will have the opportunity to engage with others in conversation during the live streaming class as well as through written means in the Canvas classroom.

Required Resources:

  • • A History of the Twentieth Century, the concise edition, by Martin Gilbert (ISBN: 006050594X paperback)
  • One book from each list below:* (List 2 and 3 include books with mature subject matter)
    List 1:
    The Americanization of Edward Bok -an autobiography (Project Gutenberg) ~400 pages
    Georges Vanier: Soldier (Deborah Cowley) ~300 pages
    List 2:
    I Have Lived A Thousand Years (Livia Bitton-Jackson)** ~215 pages
    The Hiding Place (Corrie Ten Boom) or Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank) ~241/283 pages
    List 3:
    When Hell Was In Session (Jeremiah A. Denton Jr.) ~288 pages
    Mao Tse-Tung and His China (Albert Marrin) ~288 pages*Try to choose ones that you already have on hand. Substitutions can be made; contact me if you choose an alternate book. **This is an abridged version of Elli: Coming of Age in the Holocaust.
  • Composition notebook (this is for note taking, new vocabulary, copying quotes, taking note of a particular individual in history, etc.)
  • Word processing program (Word, OpenOffice, Pages, OfficeOnline, Google Docs, etc.) for submitting written work when assigned

Optional Resources:

  • 20th Century, Day by Day, by Dorling Kindersley Books or 20th Century, Year by Year by Dorling Kindersley Books
  • Book of Centuries (purchase, or download and print from Simply Charlotte Mason, or use your own preferred BOC) *a notebook can be used for this
  • Commonplace Book (notebook specifically for keeping quotes, notes, things of interest)