INSTRUCTOR: Sherri Atwell (For teacher bio, please see Here)
TIME: Full Year 2019-2020
Tuesdays 10:00-11:00am CT
SUGGESTED GRADE RANGE: 9th grade-12th grade

Course Description:

Confidence and Communication Skills are two of the most important attributes for success in today’s world, however,  public oration can be one of the most intimidating activities known to mankind! The goal of this course is to make learning public speaking skills fun!  My hope is that we can remove the intimidation factor, learn communication and boost confidence by presenting skills in small bites interspersed with lighthearted activities. We will cover basic interview skills in the second semester and students will be encouraged to find opportunities to use their speaking skills in real world situations.  

This class will help your student succeed in real life! Possessing good speaking and communication skills carries over into many real life situations. During High School and post-graduation learning these skills helps with college interviews, high school and college class presentations, opportunities to speak at community organizations, teaching (teens are encouraged to teach here with EOA!) leading Sunday school classes, meeting new people, confidence with job interviews…the list could go on and on!

Please Note: Parents are asked to attend the first part of our first class on Sept. 23!

Schedule Change: Fall Break Oct. 28 -but only for this EOA  class! The beauty of Homeschooling is flexibility and I hope you can be flexible with me and my schedule, and I am always willing to be flexible with yours!  Due to scheduling conflicts for my family, our class schedule will vary from the official EOA schedule. We will be taking a Fall Break October 28 and it is possible that the Spring semester schedule will vary from the EOA schedule! Your student will never be penalized for missing class if you need to stick with the EOA schedule.  I just ask for advance notice when your student needs to miss class! Spring Schedule will be announced by Nov. 4.

Required Resource: